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Jade Par

PostSubject: Biographie   Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:33 pm

- Habbo Name:Purplely899
- Character Name: Jade
- Character Age: 15
- Character Height: 5`8
- Character Weight: 120

- Clique: Scene

- Family Members:
- Family Name: Park

- Physical Description: Longish short blonde hair, usually wearing random stuff with colourful combinations
- Personality Description: Friendly and talented, yet has a mean side to herself, she will be violent if she has to be and cares very much for her friends. Jade is also this idiot skater who does insane things.

- Inventory: Roller blades, cell phone, clothes, purse,

- History: Jade's father was in the goverment, however their family wasn`t very rich, her father went on a lot of trips, and one was immensly long, however Jade's mother couldn`t take her daughter anymore, she didn`t like her. Jade's mother explained to her father that it was to much work without him, then he allowed her to send Jade of to Riverbay.

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