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 ```juliet thompson--+

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PostSubject: ```juliet thompson--+   Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:56 pm

    NAME: juliet marie thompson.
    ALIAS: jt.
    AGE: fifteen.
    WEIGHT: one hundred pounds.
    HEIGHT: five foot.
    BIRTHDAY: twenty eight of february.
    ZODIAC: aquairus.
    CLIQUE: none.

    EYE COLOUR: meadow green.
    EYE FEATURES: smoky eyes.
    HAIR COLOUR: honey brown.
    HAIR FEATURES: smooth, with the smell of shampoo.
    BODY SHAPE: extremely petite.
    SCENT: japanese cherry blossom from bed and bath.

    ever sense her mothers death she's been a quiet and shy girl. She
    tends not to talk to people and is afraid of what they will
    think. She doesn't care what people think about her, but
    she does want to be accepted, and find a boyfriend.



    Juliet's life wasn't always were it was now. It started last year when she was just your normal suburban high school girl.
    When she was young her parents were divorced and she went to live with her mom. She would spend weekends with her friends, and family, and enjoyed it all. But suddenly that was stolen from her. It all started when her mother and her got in a huge fight. It started over getting a piercing, that Juliet was to young for and escalated quickly. After the fight her mother got in the car and went for a quick drive to the store, but never came back. While driving she was suddenly struck by a drunk driver, and killed. When she received the news she was heart broken, because the last thing she remembered saying to her was that she hate her. She soon entered a depression, and was sent to live with her dad over the summer. After weeks of therapy she began to start school again, and this time she was going into her freshmen year. But after having nightmares of her mothers death she couldn't stay awake in school and began to fail, in an attempt to save her her father pulled her out and transferred her to Riverbay. Now on medication she's afraid of what people think of her but she's ready to start life where she left off.


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PostSubject: Re: ```juliet thompson--+   Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:04 am

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```juliet thompson--+
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