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 Amirah Moretti

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PostSubject: Amirah Moretti   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:38 pm

(Me irl, And character)

  • Name: Amirah Moretti

    Age: 16

    Height: 5'0

    Weight: 110

    Orientation: Straight

    Birthday: October 13th (Libra)

    Clique: Scene

    Eye Color: Light Brown

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Body Type: Curvey, Medium Hips and Breasts

    Piercings: Nose, Lip, Ears

    Tattoos: "V-Line", Back

    Scent:Victoria Secret- Blossoming Romance or Midnight Pomogrante

    Personality: Amirah Is a loud, outgoing girl who is very social. Amirah also has a problem with being a too honest.

    Likes: Dancing, Singing, Football, Basketball, Music, Swimming, Boys.

    Dislikes: Fake people, Haters, Troublemakers (Even though she can sometimes be), Backstabbers.

History: Amirah was born and raised in Brooklyn, Ny, by her mother, and her four older brothers. She always was around her troublesome brothers, so she grew up fighting. Everytime she has a problem she pushes the person until they fight her. She had alot of friends, and always was nice until you back stabbed her. When one of her best friends turned against her and revealed her secret about her dad, she beat her up so bad that her mother pressed charges. Amirah's mother sent her to boarding school, because she knows how her daughter is.

Amirah Wasnt a bad child, but her brothers raised her to be a warrior. You may never catch Amirah crying, unless she really trusts you. She gets good grades without trying, and Aspires to be a Choreographer or a music teacher.
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Amirah Moretti
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