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 i get more head than a pillow ;3

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PostSubject: i get more head than a pillow ;3   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:43 pm


▲ charlotte saint
▲ 5'8
▲ seventeen
▲ leo
▲ british
▲ no clique.

▲ bluey green eyes
▲ light brown hair
▲ small stretchers
▲ numerous tattoos (alot of them beatles)
▲ nina ricci perfume

▲ the beatles
▲ lego batman
▲ artists
▲ cuddles
▲ moonlight

▲ blood
▲ the little bit of rain the window wipers miss
▲ haters
▲ sweat pants
▲ hangovers

▲ unemployed tattoo artist
▲ also does piercings
▲ money dependant on the art
▲ she loves it
▲ need work, gah!

▲ Charlie grew up in an upperclass town, to a rich family and a easy life. She grew up in the easy life for a good fifteen years, getting anything she wanted handed to her on a plate. One day her parents finally realised just how much of a spoilt brat she was, and decided it was time for her to get a fresh start in life. Charlie was shipped off to a boarding school in America immediately, much to her dismay. She quickly settled in at Blackrose Boarding School, she made new friends, got a few boyfriends, and began to like the American life, and being able to rebel against her parents without them knowing. She spent a long time at Blackrose, going through tough times with alcoholism, depression and violent fits. After Blackrose closed, she moved back to England for a short period of time to work with the RAF (Royal Air Force.) Because she was young, she did this as more of a work experience than a career. She does not like to talk about her time in the RAF. After her time, she came back to America and began going to Rosewood academy, where she carried on where she left off with her rebel. She got a job at Rosewood, and soon became popular, and a leader of a gang of Indie kids. She earned alot of money tattooing and piercing the scene kids, and moved away to explore more of the world. By the age of seventeen she was back in the USA and at Hendrix. Charlotte was never a big fan of Hendrix, and she was planning on moving away. Eventually she did, she would explore different states and move around alot, but every now and again she would stop for a while to enroll in a new school. Whilst at a school called Petrucci, she found one of her old friends, Chad. Charlie and Chad started getting closer and closer, and are not dating in a rather serious relationship.

the ride.
charlie currently drives a mini cooper convertible with a large union jack print on the roof. she loves this car lots 'n lots, but her dream car would be a 1960s jaguar or a retro cadillac. Charlie does not actually drive that much seeing as she can usually just walk.

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PostSubject: Re: i get more head than a pillow ;3   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:44 pm

gah, i did it wrong x3

i thought it logged me in automatically but.. oh well.
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i get more head than a pillow ;3
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