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 it is what it is.

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Drew Aus

PostSubject: it is what it is.   Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:28 pm

Name: Andrew Ryan Austin
OOC Name: Will
Clique: Jock Leader.
Zodiac: Pisces
Siblings: Ray Austin, Hunter Austin, Ben Austin, Bruce Austin.

Andrew Ryan Austin was orphaned as a child. His parents were in a tragic car accident which caused them to go to an orphanage. When they arrived at the orphanage no one wanted to adopt such a bunch of children. They just stayed there. And stayed there... Until they got to live on their own. All of the Austin's are very athletic, determined and bright children. Andrew Austin is a football fanatic. He's the Quarterback for the River Bay Panthers football team and is about to be given the position as captain. He is very good with the ladies and isn't afraid to give someone a piece of his mind. He's a wise crack, back talking to his brothers. He's not the brightest out of the bunch but holds a great athletic career ahead of him.

His Ride.

His Custom Kicks.

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it is what it is.
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