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 Alexander, sucka!

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PostSubject: Alexander, sucka!   Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:53 pm

- Habbo Name: IcedOverHell
- Character Name: Alexander James Ritzo III
- Character Age: 16
- Character Height: 6'3
- Character Weight: 165

- Clique: Nadda

- Family Members: Alexander Ritzo Jr., Molly Ritzo, James Ritzo, Lucy Ritzo.
- Family Name: Ritzo?

- Physical Description: ( a picture may be added in this area) Jock like body, not too muscled out. Short cropped dark brown hair.

- Personality Description: Down To Earth, non-judgmental, non-stereotypical person. Nice attitude unless pissed off.

- Inventory: (all the items you have) iPod Touch (We all know how those look,) Dodge Challenger. '10 - Element Skateboard -

- History . Grew up in the town of Fort Worth, Texas. At the age of five his mom was a victim of a drive-by, as he was left with his father. After his dad was suffering from depression, he took it out by teaching Alex numerous fighting styles and chugging his life away in beer. At the age of 15, his dad died of a liver cancer, due to the large amount of liquor. He lived with foster parents until he recieved his trustfund, then moved to the RiverBay Academy.
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Alexander, sucka!
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