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 Adrian Roberts

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PostSubject: Adrian Roberts   Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:11 pm

- Habbo Name: Tai:.
- Character Name: Adrian
- Character Age: 16
- Character Height: 5'5
- Character Weight: 136

- Clique: Scene/Jock

- Family Members:
- Family Name: Roberts

- Physical Description: Lean, Slightly Thin, Black Hair, Brown Eyes.

- Personality Description: Adrian's pretty much a very going easy guy, he wouldn't get mad and lose it over something as trivial as a shove or whatnot. He also likes to joke on people, and does it on daily occasions to which he'll probably stop fuckin' with you long enough to say he's kidding and buy you a soda. Just simply the coolest guy you'll ever meet.

-Likes: Girls, Cars, Sports, Hanging outside of class, classrooms, building tops, alleyways, his car, you're car, that crazy guy's car, Joking on people.

-Dislikes: Haters, People who can't take a joke cause they're so stuck up, REALLY KRAZY PEOPLE/TEACHERS/JANITORS/MOTHERS (This could go on and on.)

- Inventory:
♦️ Bag (Content in Bag: Various, Non-Lethal Things)
♦️ Keys to a Nissan 350z
♦️ Your Mom. (Nah, Not really.) (Or do I?) (....No.)

- History: Even though Adrian's a pretty cool guy, he still has trouble of staying in a school. Over which has happened over the last couple of years or so. One time, a fire broke out and he got pinned with it. Second time, The school shut down from financial purposes. (Now, only if every school did that...) And the third time, there was another fire. (He didn't do it this time. Wait......) And after like some months on checking over, Adrian finds himself at Riverbay Academy, where suprisingly he's met up with some of his old friends, and hopes to make new one's. ....Just don't set anything on fire...
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Adrian Roberts
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