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 Jake Malston

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PostSubject: Jake Malston   Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:22 pm

- Habbo Name: Saio-Kazama
- Character Name: Jake Malston
- Character Age: 18
- Character Height: 5"8
- Character Weight: 177

- Clique: Misfit

- Family Members: [Abandoned me]
- Family Name: Malston

- Physical Description:
- Personality Description: Hates to talk to annoying people. He doesn't like people who brag. People who piss him off make him mad to the point of kicking their ass. He likes to read horror novels.

- Inventory: Headphones, Iphone, Black guitar, And a guitar pic.

- History: Jake didn't have a familiy at first since they abandoned him. He lived at a foster child since he was born. His parents didn't want him so they sent him away to an orphanage. Then he got adopted by a brutal family acting nice in front of people and abusing their kids behind closed doors. Jake then enrolled in this school to run away nfrom his current lifestyle and how it was lived.

My Ride:
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Jake Malston
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