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 Nikola Stipic; The Croatian Sensation

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PostSubject: Nikola Stipic; The Croatian Sensation   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:24 am

Niko Stipic

[ Basic Information ]

- Character Name: Nikola Stipic
- Character Age: 17
- Character Height: 5'10
- Character Weight: 165
- Birth Place: Zagreb, Croatia
- Birthdate: Nov. 11th
- Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
- Allergies: N/A

[ Physical Appearance ]
- Hair Colour: Light Brown
- Eye Colour: Hazel
- Skin Tone: Tanned
- Tattoos: None
- Piercings: None

[ Inventory ]

- A nice soccer ball
- Pocket sized mirror
- Hair Gel
- Cell Phone

[ Personality ]

Being a foreign exchange student from Croatia, Niko is full of surprises. He's a smart guy with good looks and amazing athletic ability. He takes pride in his ability in running track, swimming, and playing sports like soccer and rugby. He can also be very charming infront of the girls at school, as one can see him chasing after the preppy girls quite often. He's a flirt, but carries good intentions, unlike some of the muscular football playing manwhores.

Character Likes:
- Beautiful Girls/Cheerleaders
- Playing Soccer
- Working out
- Watching TV
- Competition

Character Dislikes:
- Tough guys
- Unathletic people
- Sports related injuries

[ Job ]

- Occupation: Student

[ Relationship Status ]

- Orientation: Straight
- Relationship status: Single

[ Biography ]

Niko was born in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, by a professional football player father, and an italian model mother. Being the first and only son of the family of three kids, Niko was raised in his fathers image, to be a professional soccer player. In his mid teens, he was constantly moving around Europe, training under many different camps, whether it was in Spain, Germany or England. Once he reached the age of 17, he and his family decided to move to America, so that Niko could graduate from a nice, fancy school before going professional. After graduating, Niko plans on moving straight to England so he can join the Premier League.
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Nikola Stipic; The Croatian Sensation
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