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 -; Aiden Vuitton

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PostSubject: -; Aiden Vuitton   Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:49 pm

-; Habbo Name -

-; Character Name:
Aiden Vuitton, most refer to him as Cheshire, due to his being a trickster to new comers.

-; Character Age:

-; Character Height:

-; Character Weight:
94 lb

-; Clique:

-; Personality Description:
` Tricky
` Sweet
` ''Annoying at times ''

-; Inventory:

(not the girl the hoody)

(again, not the girl, the hoody)

-; History:
After Petrucci closed down, Aiden was sent to Riverbay. His father has nothing to do with him due to the fact that hes a homosexual, but he does send Aiden one grand every month. Aiden has became very well known around the school already, due to the fact that he is very closely related to Louis Vuitton.. He's known to be very violent whenever somebody messes with him or his friends.
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-; Aiden Vuitton
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