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 Anthony Klucznik

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PostSubject: Anthony Klucznik   Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:15 pm

[ Basic Information ]

- Character Name: Anthony
- Character Age: 16
- Character Height: 5' 1"
- Character Weight: 86 lbs
- Birth Place: Philadelphia, PA
- Birthdate: April 20th
- Zodiac Sign: Aries
- Allergies: N/A

[ Physical Appearance ]
- Hair Colour: Dark Brown
- Eye Colour: Brown
- Skin Tone: Caucasian, Pale
- Tattoos: None
- Piercings: Snakebites, ear (both)

[ Inventory ]

- Cell Phone
- iPod Touch
- USB Drive

[ Personality ]

Anthony is an outsider, and doesn't like to make very much contact with a lot of people. He's full of surprises, though, because he keeps most of his self a secret. He's not very athletic, and has a geeky touch (he likes to hack computers in his spare time), but he's certainly not a geek or a nerd.

Character Likes:
- Emo/Scene Girls
- Goth Girls
- Music
- Watching TV
- Competition

Character Dislikes:
- Tough guys
- Athletic people

[ Job ]

- Occupation: Student

[ Relationship Status ]

- Orientation: Bisexual
- Relationship status: Single

[ Biography ]

Anthony was born in Philadelphia, PA, USA. His family raised him very well, and decided to send him to Riverbay. There isn't much else to say. He switched to Riverbay because he was getting beat up and teased too much about his sexuality and other issues. He has a few mental conditions, such as depression and anxiety.
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Anthony Klucznik
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