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 Karyssa Lilianna Simms

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PostSubject: Karyssa Lilianna Simms   Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:24 pm

Name: Karyssa (Kay/Kary for my friends)
Age: 17, Junior
Height: Ranging Between 5'6 &! 6'3 B/c of her Stunning Heels.
Birthday: January 15th 1992
Appearance: Stunning, Silky Brown Locks, Swaying to her shoulders, With sparkling Hazel eyes and A Warm Smile.

Born on January 15th 1992, in Santa Monica California, Karyssa had 2 older sisters and a loving mother and father who sadly died in a Car Accident when she was at Age 5. Her sisters were then old enough to take care of her. They took care of her until she was 16, when she moved out and found her own place. She lived it up &! Loved it. She is Stunning and Adored EVERYWHERE! Lust &! Envy is in Everyone's eyes with her around.

Her Loves

The B!tch

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Karyssa Lilianna Simms
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